​Who is The Bearded Potter?

Simply put The Bearded Potter is a potter with a beard. That, however, is not even the tip of the iceberg because I am not simply anything. I am a chef, an outdoorsman, an artist, a husband, an animal lover, an avid gardener. I am educated, loving, experienced, compassionate, intelligent and creative and MOST of all I am a Potter. I was not always going to be a potter, no; I was going to be a chef and restaurateur because I had no idea I could make ceramics a career. I discovered two talents (among others) that I had natural abilities in and they were pottery and cooking. Boy can I cook too. I spent my formidable years practicing both my raw talents and even when I decided to go the culinary route I would still do ceramics on the side wishing then that I could do it every day. I spent many years obtaining my BA in Culinary Arts and  working for various restaurants,  managing a couple and slowly, slowly started to hate working for the corporations. Man, I couldn’t get out of restaurants fast enough and even moved out of my home state of Arizona to get away from it all. It was when I moved to California that I realized “Well I guess I need a job” and when I tried to get a job I was over qualified for the job I needed to get to the job I was qualified for, does this sound familiar to anyone these days? I even SHAVED MY BEARD to try and get a job as a manager to no avail. As a last ditch effort I called a man that told me three years prior that if I ever needed a job making pottery and happened to move to Los Angeles then to call him. Here is where the late and great Xavier Gonzalez came into my life and changed everything for me and all who would come to know me as The Bearded Potter. I worked for 5 years as an apprentice for The X-Man and ran the LA Renaissance fair for him four years in a row and worked my hands to the bone throwing thousands of mugs and other pieces for him. One day I came to realize that I would have to eventually make a name for myself and move out from under Xavier and The Bearded Potter was born. Unfortunately when Xavier passed in January 2016 with him went his business and The Bearded Potter had to take over now. I now work exclusively from my home in the middle of the San Bernardino National forest and am striving to one day be as well known and well loved as the man who got me here and without whom I never would have met my wife or be living quite the happy life that I do today.

That is who The Bearded Potter is and to anyone I have met and will meet, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and my artwork for many years to come.